The impact of the Lachlan River on Forbes and the surrounding area can be very dramatic. When in flood, as in November 2022, the impact of the Lachlan on Forbes and surrounding farmland is extremely damaging.

When not in flood, the Lachlan offers many benefits to the community, one of which is recreational fishing. Whether you are a serious fisher or just enjoy the opportunity to throw in a line and escape the everyday worries of life for an hour or two, fishing is a pastime that offers a lot and doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are many fishing spots in the Forbes area which provide access to the Lachlan River, including a spot for the guests of our caravan park.

There are a variety of fish in the Lachlan, however the most recognized species are the Murray Cod and the Golden Perch, the latter more commonly known as the Yellowbelly. Both species are native to Australia and inhabit the inland area rivers of New South Wales.

The largest Murray Cod caught near our park was 1 metre (caught by our maintenance manager Brad). His preferred method of fishing is using a lure however that is a personal preference and others have reported great success from using bait.

Due to a variety of factors, the Murray Cod is considered a vulnerable species and they can only be legally fished between December and August with a daily bag limit of two.


Murray Cod.

Golden Perch or Yellowbelly can be fished all year with a daily bag limit of 5 and a minimum legal of 30cm. They normally weigh between 1-2kg but larger catches have exceeded 5kg.

Golden Perch or Yellowbelly


Both the Murray Cod and Yellowbelly are considered good eating fish however taste is a personal thing, some people prefer the Murray Cod, others the Yellowbelly. They are also good sporting fish for those more interested in catch and release.

Legal limits and other restrictions can be found by following the link below.

The DPI website below has heaps of valuable information about freshwater fishing and information about fishing licences.

There is an abundance of information on YouTube, providing tips and trick about fishing the inland rivers.

Another great resource is Loomzys Fish n Fix which is located at 60 Johnson Street Forbes. It has everything needed by the beginner to the more experienced fisher.  You can hook up with them on Facebook by following the link below. They are the experts in everything fishing and camping.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Forbes, we would be happy to see you at our lovely caravan park. We have plenty of easy access large drive through sites, are pet friendly and provides access for our guests to the Lachlan. Even if you don’t fish, it is a great spot to relax.

Brad and Ashley, our managers, know all the best places to fish and are more than happy to share their knowledge. Give them a call on 02 6853 2694 or click on our home page.